It is Time to Discover New Possibilities…
It is Time to Discover You!

It is Time to Discover New Possibilities…

It is Time to Discover YOU

Have you spent tireless hours trying to put together pieces of a puzzle you just can’t seem to fit together?

Do you feel like you have done everything you possibly can to find health and healing and still looking for answers?

Are you ready for that “aha” moment and transformation to realign to your innate truth and live with purpose and passion?

My name is Cynthia Clarke and I empower individuals to….. 

  • DISCOVER the Path Only You are Meant To Live! 
  • RELEASE the Imbalances that prevent you from Living Your Truth.
  • CREATE Harmony in Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit, Energy, and Relationships!

  After devoting several decades uncovering the mysteries of longevity and lasting health, my triumph has proven the power and innate gift we each have to heal!  This has ignited my passion to help others reclaim their own power and find true healing!  By tuning into my natural gifts to sense the wounds within, I combine my genuine love for others and extensive training & education to guide you uniquely on your path to wholeness. 


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How can I support you?

No matter where you are at in your Holistic Healing Journey, I am here to help. 

Choose what fits you best right now!

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What Clients are saying

I have worked with Cynthia over multiple sessions and I am so happy to report that my life has completely changed. I no longer feel that cloud of depression, my anxiety has improved, I am no longer taking depression medication, and my relationship with my husband has grown so much stronger. I wish I could show everyone just how much Cynthia has blessed my life. Today I feel grounded, connected, and grateful. I have learned to love myself and honor my past as well as my future. I will forever be grateful for her.       Natalie W.

I have been amazed by the physical and emotional changes that have happened in just three sessions!  This is nothing short of a miracle in my life.  The load I carried from decades of emotional trauma is nearly gone, my numbness from multiple sclerosis is going away instead of progressing. Cynthia has a great gift of compassion, and an uncanny ability to quickly understand people and their situations.  She is truly a gift to mankind!       Kristine N.

Since working with Cynthia, my life has changed immensely! Family and friends ask me how I’ve recovered so quickly from the abuse and trauma, and my answers always emphasize my work with Cynthia for my healing! She’s amazing, and has an amazing gift for this! I would recommend her with all my heart!       Meg H.

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