One of my favorite creatures on the earth is the butterfly!  When I was a little girl, I remember being fascinated with caterpillars.  I loved watching their fuzzy little bodies slowly crawl to find nourishment.

Since then, it is captivating to watch 

egg to caterpillar, caterpillar to pupa, 




The butterfly so beautifully represents transformation!   This life cycle of the butterfly can bring us a message through our own cycles of life.

Take a moment to read the 5 PHASES below to discover where you are at!  Each phase offers a lesson.  No matter where you are, remember to honor yourself!



Phase 1: Birth represents an initial awakening.  It also symbolizes a new beginning, new concept, or new life experience.  This is also an opportune time to to invite rebirth and vitality after past decline.

Phase 2: Nourishment, Growth, and Preparation Humans go through a similar experience as we nourish ourselves in mind, body, spirit, heart, and relationships.  We find what builds and strengthens us to grow and evolve in our life experiences.

Phase 3: Protection Our own time of cocooning is necessary to keep us safe and protect us from outside influences.  In order to go through some of our most essential growth, being still and reflecting from within can be our ultimate strength.

Phase 4: Transformation and Renewal This can be one of the most intriguing processes while the old parts of us and old experiences contribute to the ultimate awakening and transformation  into something that is beyond captivating and capable!

Phase 5:  Break Free from the Cocoon Recognizing the new shifts and gifts we have gained through transformation, we are stronger and more capable to emerge into a greater mission.  It is time to spread our wings and fly!



No matter where you are at in your transformational cycle, just remember each stage is equally necessary and important.  Be patient with yourself during each phase and know that something beyond captivating is coming your way!

Sending you Love and Light on your path to Finding Wholeness,


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