As founder of Discover Divinity,

Cynthia has created an ONLINE PLATFORM 

to access Holistic Education and Support,

as well as 1 ON 1 SESSIONS in person or over the phone. 

Cynthia Clarke is a gifted Intuitive and Guide, Certified Energy Practitioner, Rapid Eye Technology Therapist, Certified Reiki Level 1, 2, & Master, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Certified Foot Zone Practitioner.

After devoting several decades uncovering the mysteries of longevity and lasting health, her personal triumph has proven the innate gift we each have to heal! This has ignited her passion to help others reclaim their own power and find lasting joy and health.  

By tuning into her natural gifts to sense the wounds within, she combines her genuine love for others and extensive training & education to guide you uniquely on your path to find balance and wholeness!

Cynthia’s heart is central to connecting to the Divine Creator of Pure Love and Light and reconnecting all with the Divine that lies within.

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In addition to her personal 1 on 1 Sessions, Cynthia has created the Discover Divinity Online Community for those who desire a healthy holistic healing path without having to spend a ton of money.

Access to FREE Featured Monthly Online Class for an empowering Holistic Healing Journey in Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit, Energy, and Relationships!   Check out our latest class right Here. 

For those who desire to become the master of their holistic healing path and help others too, the Holistic Health & Energy Alignment System Study Program is an extensive 6 Month program that assists individuals to uncover the deeper answers that lie within. 

Learn a simple and transformation method to tap into your innate intuitive gifts, release blocks and imbalances, restore alignment in health, vitality, and abundance, uncover your greatest purpose on the planet.

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One of her favorite things is to connect with nature and the creatures of the earth!  Any moment she can go barefoot in the grass or the dirt, take time to garden, go for a hike or outdoor walk, or simply meditate and breathe sitting next to a waterfall, she is happy!

Some of her favorites include butterflies and trees.  She loves them so much she included the great symbolism of butterfly and the tree in the Discover Divinity logo.  Read more right Here.

She is a blessed wife, mother, and grandmother.  These relationships are ones she holds most precious. and sacred.

Take a moment to imagine what life would feel like to tap into your own intuitive gifts and discover the answers you need to find wholeness!  What would it look like to live in alignment with health, vitality, and abundance?  How would it feel to be free of the bondage of trauma and experiences of the past?  Do you want a simple yet transformational method to get you there? Have you felt called to a higher purpose on the earth?  What if it was possible to become empowered and instill energetic harmony in mind, body, spirit, heart, and relationships!  Believe it or not, it IS possible!

    When you access Holistic Health & Energy Alignment System Study Program you will understand the deeper answers that lie within the energy body and ways to release imbalances and restore into full alignment.


    • Receive lifelong access to an easy and effective resources to help yourself and others on a Holistic & Energy Aligning Path.
    • Gain greater understanding of the deeper layers of the mind and how to reprogram faulty patterns and programs.
    • Access tools to find freedom from the bondage of trauma and past experiences.
    • Learn techniques to restore overall energetic alignment.
    • Tap into your own intuitive gifts to discover the answers you need to help yourself and others find wholeness!