WORKSHOP The Empowered Teen Girl

The Empowered Teen Workshop is designed for teen girls to enjoy activities and messages to help them deal with negativity (inside the head and from others), stay balanced amidst daily stresses, build self-confidence and self-love, learn what unique gifts and talents they have to offer the world, and make lasting friendships.

4 Workshops through the year offer different tools and skills at each individual event.

WORKSHOP 1: The Empowered Teen (September)

WORKSHOP 2: The FUNDAMENTAL Empowered Teen (December)

WORKSHOP 3: The ADVANCED Empowered Teen (February)

WORKSHOP 4: The ULTIMATE Empowered Teen (May)

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ONLINE COURSE Breaking the Bondage(Removing the Blocks that Keep You from Living to Your Fullest Potential)

This Course contains 5 series with content specific information enabling you to recognize your personal blocks and walk away with specific tools to help you shift those blocks for good. Sign up for an individual course or sign up for all 5 series!

SERIES ONE: Protecting Yourself from Toxic People and Breaking the Cycle of Self Sabotage

SERIES TWO: Breaking the Chains of Stress and Anxiety

SERIES THREE: Learning to Love Yourself

SERIES FOUR: Healing Your Inner Child

SERIES FIVE: Overcoming Your Unhealthy Relationship with Food

Simple daily routines will be added to your life long toolbox helping you and your loved ones to live a life filled with lasting joy! Most of us have forgotten the truth of who we really are. Each course will help you uncover the lies and faulty program that have kept you from seeing your truest potential! Be ready to clear the path and create a new story of who you really are!

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12 Steps to Living Aligned to Your True Purpose and Passion

This 12-week program will take you on a step by step journey of transformation! Each week will offer you simple action steps to help you become more aligned to the truth of who you really are!

You will receive:

12 Personal Sessions (IN PERSON or OVER THE PHONE) where I will tune into the blocks that are holding you back. Our work together will allow you to walk away free from the stories of the past and feeling more confident in living your best life!

Daily Accountability to keep your momentum going while you are creating new habits and lasting change.

Simple Action Steps to help you become more aligned to the truth of who you really are and gain greater awareness of your ability to live a life of freedom from the past!

Grounding and Connecting Meditation to help you stay grounded and connected in the present moment.

Walk away with a greater awareness of your ability to live a life of freedom from the past! Tune into new beliefs and patterns and implement concrete action steps that will prepare a space of new habits supporting you on your journey ahead.

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