Have you ever wanted to become the master of your holistic healing path and help others too?

Take a moment to imagine what life would feel like to tap into your own intuitive gifts and discover the answers you need to find wholeness!  What would it look like to live in alignment with health, vitality, and abundance?  How would it feel to be free of the bondage of trauma and experiences of the past?  Do you want a simple yet transformational method to get you there? Have you felt called to a higher purpose on the earth?  What if it was possible to become empowered and instill energetic harmony in mind, body, spirit, heart, and relationships! Believe it or not, it IS possible!

    When you access Holistic Health & Energy Alignment System Study Program you will understand the deeper answers that lie within the energy body and ways to release imbalances and restore into full alignment.

    Does this resonate with you?

    What has been stopping you so far?  Let’s uncover what has possibly held you back.

    • You have spent tireless hours trying to put together pieces of a puzzle that just don’t fit together.
    • It feels like there are road blocks that keep you from living a joyful and successful life.
    • You haven’t found an easy and effective way to master your holistic healing journey.
    • At times you wish there was an answer book to help yourself and others.
    • You know you have a purpose on the planet to help others, you just haven’t figured it where to go from here.

    Want to know more about my journey & why I created the Holistic Health & Energy Alignment System?

    The Moment that changed everything!

    The point where I knew I had to make huge changes was when I was diagnosed with FIVE autoimmune disorders and was having 15 panic attacks every single day. My body was shutting down, and I didn’t know if I was going to live or die. Honestly, I was afraid of both. It was in that moment, that I knew within the depth of my soul that I had more to offer on the planet. It was a burning from within and I knew I needed something more.  I knew that I needed to discover the deeper roots and restore my health and vitality.

    My name is Cynthia Clarke.  I have spent the past 20 years in research, education, and training to bring you a simplified and transformative system to take control of your life, find balance and wholeness, and help others to do the same.  In my personal experience of finding wholeness, it has been my mission and genuine love for others to assist others to live in alignment with their highest self.   I’ve been in the trenches and want to show you an easier way to become the master of your holistic healing path.

    I believe we each have a unique blueprint and an inherent gift to heal.  When the blueprint is out of alignment, we are given signals calling out for attention and in certain cases screaming out for our attention!  Humans are multi-faceted beings and not only do these facets work individually, but they work intrinsically as well. Just like an orchestra, each instrument has a crucial role in creating beautiful harmony!  By tuning into the Facets of Wholeness in Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart, Relationships, and Energy, we can unlock the hidden mysteries to our unique blueprint restore alignment with the Core of who we are.

    By completing the Holistic Health & Energy Alignment System Study Program you can:

    • Receive lifelong access to an easy and effective resources to help yourself and others on a Holistic & Energy Aligning Path.
    • Gain greater understanding of the deeper layers of the mind and how to reprogram faulty patterns and programs.
    • Access tools to find freedom from the bondage of trauma and past experiences.
    • Learn techniques to restore overall energetic alignment.
    • Tap into your own intuitive gifts to discover the answers you need to help yourself and others find wholeness!

    Learn the keys to unlock the door to the deeper layers of the mind.  Become skilled at specific tools to reprogram thoughts, feelings, habits, behavior patterns, past experiences, deep seated emotions, beliefs, programs and repressed trauma. 

    Uncover complex systems in the body that keep us alive and breathing every single day!  Go beneath the surface of imbalances in the body and learn priceless information to keep this mortal vessel in harmony with the mind, spirit, heart, and energy systems.

    Tune into your highest source of creation and a direct pathway of communication with your highest self.  Open up greater intuitive gifts  and discover the divinity that lies within. Trust your innate gifts and ability to receive answers.

    Master your expertise in the epicenter of emotion.  Find hidden collective and generational programming leading to repression and numbness. Gain specific techniques to release & repair the wounds of the heart.

    Understand the basis of personal development and relationships not only includes others and the environment but the self. Unravel dysfunctional patterns and discover ways to mend relationships learning to create a space of unconditional love.

    Dive deep into the world of energy.  Acquire the knowledge of DNA codes and cellular structures to release energetic imbalances.  Embrace the power that the energy realm has to offer.  Become skilled in understanding to energetic harmony.

    What can I expect in the 6 month program? 

    Study Program Manual with Reference Charts & Maps

    Weekly (90 Minute) Training Courses with Q&A

    Daily & Weekly Assignments (M-TH)

    6 Personal (1 on 1) Sessions with Cynthia

    Invitation into the Certification Program

    Here is what our graduates have to say about Cynthia and

    Holistic Health & Energy Alignment Program!

    This last 6 months have been literally life changing! I had a feeling that it would be and I was not disappointed! I was talking to someone and I feel like I think differently than I used to before the program. While I am not perfect I think in a much more positive way on a daily basis. All aspects of life are so connected and our minds and bodies are truly the most amazing creation! I highly recommend someone take this course if you have a desire to help people. I have learned to love and accept people at a deeper level as well as myself.

    Brichelle C.

    I have absolutely loved learning from Cynthia.  I love the Holistic Health Energy and Alignment System.   I have been around Energy work for around 7 years and her system is so in depth yet easy to follow.   Cynthia is tremendously talented and her gifts are so unique and true. I feel so blessed to have this certification for life.

    I know my intuition has grown ten fold during the last 6 months.  My mindset is in a completely different place. I feel more connected with my higher power than I ever have.  I am now able to see my higher self and the beauty and love she holds for me.  Everything in my life is in a much better space now after learning what I have in this program.
    The aspects that this course teaches  are so in depth.  A lot of programs focus on only emotions but this goes deeper, much deeper.  It literally goes to the cellular roots of your DNA.  The way Cynthia teaches, makes it all make beautiful sense.  The way she explains concepts is easy to understand.  She takes super deep topics and helps you understand them so easily.  I have loved everything about this program.   It is a lot of information to learn but it is so worth learning!  One of my favorite parts of the course is Cynthia’s visualizations.  Her words are transformational and I am moved to tears after almost every one.
    Maria B.

    This program has helped me a lot. I know myself better now, my needs, my desires, my decisions. And I know how I function better, which makes relationships with others easier. I love how quickly this energy alignment system gets to the root of the problem. I also love how there is a section for supporting change, since getting to the root of the problem is only half the process. This was a great program for learning the foundations in the energy world; there is a LOT of material covered! I would recommend this for someone who wants a broad introduction into the energy world, but not for someone who wants to get specific about certain modalities. I loved all of the reference books and have added all of them to my personal library! The people were all wonderful to work with and get to know! The one-on-one sessions were very nice to have too! My questions (and I had a whole lot of questions) were always answered, and the group chat was supportive and always non-judgmental. A very pleasant atmosphere for learning more about myself! I began the 6-month program very lost, anxious, and confused about my position in life. I also struggled heavily with anxiety and depression, and needed something, but I didn’t want to go on medication. I found this program and (after a LOT of thought; it was, after all, a lot of money), decided to try it. Now that I’m at the end, I can’t say that the anxiety or depression have gone away, but I CAN say that I’ve gone through some of the toughest anxiety of my life these past few months, and I was still able to function as a human being. I was still able to be a mom, and a wife, and a teacher. This, to me, is an ENORMOUS victory! My problems did not miraculously disappear, but I was able to continue to live and enjoy life. My main goal was to learn healthier ways of doing emotional health, and I have learned many, many tools to do just that! In my book, this is a good program and I enjoyed what I learned. Thanks!

    Holly G.

    I have loved being in the 6 month program. I have learned so much about myself and others. I have became more confident in my skills I have learned and using the techniques I have learned in myself and my family. I have found greater confidence in myself, peace in my life, and overall feel more happy and full of energy! I am so grateful to Cynthia for creating this program to help those around her.

    Krishaun T.

    For years I have felt that something was off in my body. I went to multiple doctors over the course of 8 years and all told me I was perfectly healthy. Regardless of what they said I still felt something was not right. Eventually, I was diagnosed with a Thyroid condition but still felt there was another missing piece to this puzzle. Unfortunately, I developed mystery hives. I didn’t even know what hives looked like prior to this experience. After months and thousands of dollars in medical expenses to find out what was going on with my body, I was led to Cynthia. I reached out to her to see if she had even heard of hives that have no apparent cause. This simple exchange opened the door to a whole new world for me. I knew a tiny bit about energy healing but not really enough to count. I started working with Cynthia and she uncovered some major issues that I had buried within my subconscious. Things that I thought that I had “gotten over”. I started to learn and understand that the emotional trauma and hurtful experiences that I’ve gone through in my life were starting to manifest physically. I never allowed myself to fully heal and process these experiences and simply buried them within myself. She helped me uncover a wall I had built around my broken heart. A wall I never realized I built. As I started the 6-month program, I continued to uncover even more and realized that with each class and every session I was breaking holes in this wall.  I finally feel like the wall has been torn down and I have experienced a healing process that went deeper than any medical professional could ever go. I am discovering exactly who I am. I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders that I never realized I was carrying. I feel lighter and happier than I have in years. I am so grateful for Cynthia and the program she put together. She has empowered me and shown me a path to an even greater ME!

    Stacy L.

    I have become more intune with my personal needs on all levels. I have relaxed my schedule more, yet kept some structure when necessary LIFE things need attention. I have learned to find JOY in every single day. I am more open and curious as I explore and dive deep into the deep roots and show myself a lot more grace as I mess up and fail forward. I am meditating and visualizing more as I create daily the life I wish to live. Learning more deeply about why and how I do what I do and then choose to shift… is life altering. Also, find that I am TRUSTING more and more my intuition as I make decisions and I strive to become more centered, grounded, connected, and aligned.

    Gina T.

    This program has definitely caused me to do some growing. I knew coming into it that it would but did not fully understand the extent that it would bring. I learned that I was great at stuffing things. Emotions, thoughts, ideas, and even identity. In the beginning it was hard for me to express my feelings. It was not something I was use to doing. I didn’t really feel that they had any value. When we would be asked to answer questions about ourselves it was very upsetting to me. I didn’t have answers to them and I didn’t know how to find them within myself. I think that is the biggest thing this program has done for me. It helped me reach in and find those answers inside myself. Being able to recognize those things in myself and see who I am has been very liberating. I have recognized a lot of toxic things in myself and I have recognized a lot of good in myself. I have learned the skills to help process and work through those things in healthy ways. I have come a long way and still have a ways to go. This is a program that is beneficial to all who are ready to heal from their pasts and live in the present.

    Gena B.

    When I was first asked about this class I thought no way. I can’t do that. As I thought about it more I felt like it was something I needed to do. I loved it. I learned so much about me and about others and how energy works. Energy work is just a science and we are all energy it took the mystery out of it. I learned to trust myself more, I have moved past somethings in my life and I have moved forward in my business and in being more of my Divine self. I have learned to appreciate my ancestors better and to give myself more love and understanding for what has happened in the past. I truly feel like I can be a chain breaker for ancestors and for my future posterity. Cynthia is a great teacher and can see our potential and wants to aid us in being the Divine being we are. By taking this course I have wonderful tools to help me, my family, and others to move forward. I would recommend this course to those who want to understand and learn how to do energy work or even for those who just want a better understanding of themselves. Thank you Cynthia for taking me on this journey of understanding.


    I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to be a part of the 6 month program. I have been actively working on my own healing journey for the past 3 years by utilizing sessions with Cynthia and embracing other healing modalities. Within the last 6 months, I have been able to uncover and heal from more aspects in my journey than the entire three years combined. This program not only teaches you the tools you need to work on others, but it also awakens your deep inner healing and bridges the gap between you and your highest self. With this program I have discovered a confidence buried within myself that has burst forth and I am finding myself more comfortable in interacting with others. I have also uncovered the beauty in discovering and embracing my spiritual gifts. Before taking this program, I had no idea I possessed these spiritual gifts and I am so grateful to find that my intuition is not just “my mind making things up.” This program has brought me closer to my Savior and it has strengthened my relationship with my Creator. I am so thankful for these past 6 months and I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking higher awareness and deeper meaning!

    Natalie W.

    I’m very grateful I got the oppertunity to take this program. I learned a lot about myself and how I preceive the world. I learned coping mechanisms for some of my struggles in life.  I healed old wounds that were affecting my daily life.  I feel lighter than I have in years. I still have struggles but I feel this has given me the tools and support I need to push through. I hope to continue my journey of not only healing and helping myself but others as well. I recommend anyone who wants to take the program to do it! It can be time consuming and hard and bring up a lot that can be hard to face, but it is so freeing and helpful to release that and gain insights on yourself.

    Alysa G.

    I really enjoyed Cynthia’s program.  I learned so much.  I love how she incorporates so many different types of energy, body systems, chakras, auras, personalities and so much more.  I also genuinely appreciated the opportunity to practice what I was learning with other classmates.  That really helped the learning sink in.

    Georgia A.