Gifts of The 4 Seasons

Message from the Butterfly
October 19, 2018

Have you ever wondered how the 4 Seasons apply to your personal journey of growth and healing? 

I have found that the 4 Seasons are Windows to SELF DISCOVERY! 


In the season of Spring, we are being blessed with beautiful melodies of birds, fresh smells of rainstorms, and vibrant colors of budding flowers and leaves. Here are 5 Gifts that Spring Beckons us to do:

  • Awaken 
  • Rebirth
  • Forgive
  • Plant & Nourish
  • Look Forward with Hope

After moving through the Stillness of Winter and this Great Time of Reflection, Spring Invites Us to AWAKEN with the Earth and Breathe in the Freshness of Life! How are you showing up today to see things in a new way?  

While Nature’s Animal Kingdom Welcomes New Life into the World we too can experience REBIRTH. Where are you willing to let the things from the past go and show up on your life path with a fresh start?

Like the Cleansing Rain that Washes the Earth and the Skies that Paint a Canvas of Rainbows, are you willing to Embrace FORGIVENESS of yourself and others and live each day with a clean slate and paint a new colorful picture?

Similar to the Wind, Insects, and Hands that Plant New Seeds, how are you taking moments to PLANT & NOURISH your new seeds of ideas, values, and relationships with air, soil, water, sunlight, and love?

Having Faith in the Magnificence of a Growing Seed in Becoming a Vibrant Plant, how do you LOOK FORWARD WITH HOPE in what bounty lies ahead?  

Just remember wherever you may be on your journey, it is exactly where you should be!

I look forward to helping you go deeper on your path of self discovery! 

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