ONLINE COURSE: (4 Week) Face to Face with Fear
August 27, 2019
MEDITATION: Forgiveness to Freedom
November 1, 2019
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WORKSHOP: The Empowered Teen Girl



The Empowered Teen Workshop for Girls is designed for teens to enjoy activities and messages to help them deal with negativity (inside the head and from others), stay balanced amidst daily stresses, build self-confidence and self-love, learn what unique gifts and talents they have to offer the world, and make lasting friendships.

There are 4 workshops through the year that offer different tools and skills at each individual event.

WORKSHOP 1: The Empowered Teen (September)

WORKSHOP 2: The FUNDAMENTAL Empowered Teen (December)

WORKSHOP 3: The ADVANCED Empowered Teen (February)

WORKSHOP 4: The ULTIMATE Empowered Teen (May)