ONLINE PROGRAM: Breaking the Bondage
September 7, 2018
ONLINE CLASS: Feel The Fear & Make It Happen
November 1, 2019
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ONLINE COURSE: Face to Face with Fear



If you feel like fear immobilizes you and sends you running in the opposite direction of who you are and truly want to become, then this course is for you! Face fear head on as we identify where fear is stopping you and begin to uncover the even deeper roots of where fear originates and gain tools to face fear with confidence!  Go behind the mask of fear and learn to befriend fear and see it for what it is!  Recognize the false messages that have been created by fear and unravel the lies that have kept you stuck.  Find out behavior patterns contributing to your fears and learn ways to eliminate “the fuel” that feeds the fire! Walk you through step by step ways to recognize and let go of these patterns for good as you become a victor over fear and put YOU back in charge of your life!