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September 6, 2018
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September 6, 2018
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ONLINE COURSE: (Series 5) Overcoming Your Unhealthy Relationship With Food


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Series 5: Overcoming Your Unhealthy Relationship With Food  includes video training that will help you see the societal dysfunction we have been exposed to and learn to create a new reality of what food is.  Recognize the dysfunctional eating patterns we have created and uncover the reasons we have resorted to emotional eating and addictive patterns with food.  Tap into programs and beliefs that keep you stuck in this self-sabotaging behavior. This series is 1 of the 5 Part Course Breaking the Bondage:  Removing the Blocks that Keep You from Living Your Fullest Potential.  Create a new story and healthy relationship with food and allow it to nourish and strengthen the one vessel you have that keeps you alive!