Have you tried to set goals and found that you do really well for the first week or two, then after that you fall off track? If you are feeling stuck or feel like you can’t move forward, having a Health Coach or Mentor is a one of the keys to staying focused and propelling yourself to the next level.

Holistic Health Coaching and Mentoring Sessions will help you map out your personal needs on a holistic level. Be ready to identify your blocks, learn life changing skills, set clear and concise goals, receive regular accountability, and discover what path you are truly meant to live!

Cynthia’s goal is to help you uncover the root causes of whatever you may be dealing with it and find balance in all facets of your life. Working individual and collectively on each system, these Sessions allow you the opportunity to shift, heal and restore on a whole, ready to focus on your life mission!

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Just like light and color are measured by their vibrational frequency, so is the human body. The human body is made up of approximately 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms and is literally a network of communication. This vibrational frequency is known as energy.

As a Certified Energy Practitioner, Cynthia’s Sessions use specific release techniques to tap into the subconscious and unconscious mind, in turn moving old negative emotions, beliefs, patterns, experiences, and traumas. Instead of a band aid approach, these processes go deep into the root cause of the ailments in the Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart, and Relationships, making room for lasting change and true healing and restoration.

These Sessions will leave you feeling lighter and allow you the opportunity to let go of the past and move forward on a path you have always wanted to live. Everyone deserves to feel vibrant and whole! Schedule your Session Here!

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With a great testimony of the benefits of using the map on the foot to restore the body to its perfect blueprint, Cynthia has a great desire to help others through Foot Zoning Sessions. Foot Zoning has been documented throughout ancient history from China, India, Europe, Japan, and Native America. It later developed in the 1800’s by two doctors Ivan Pavlov and Vladimir Bekhterev who invented the term “reflexology”.

In the 1800’s and early 1900’s, Sir Henry Head, Dr. William Fitzgerald, Dr. Joseph Riley, and Eunice Ingham further pioneered the field with new discoveries and built upon ancient techniques. By the late 1900’s, Dr. Charles Ersdal, after experiencing a restoration of health through these techniques, devoted 26 years of his life to an in depth study of anatomy and physiology, developing over 100 pathology charts and additional signals never used before. Through his inspired research he found the need to treat the body in its’ entirety.

Cynthia has experienced the great blessing and restorative health benefits of the Ersdal method since 2005! Her passion turned into a pursuit to train and study to become a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner. If you are looking for an overall state of well-being, this is the right session for you!!! Currently she offers a very precise and thorough process on the feet that works with signals and meridians to reawaken this innate blueprint on a holistic level. Foot Zoning Sessions will leave you feeling restored, rebalanced, and refreshed! Schedule your Session Here!

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