I first met Cynthia at a Conference. I had just run out of a class with a migraine and the beginning stages of a panic attack, when she stopped to talk to me. At the time, I was new to Energy Healing and didn’t understand everything, but I immediately felt her love and positivity. What Cynthia didn’t know in that moment, was that my life was spinning out of control and I was in the deepest depression I had ever experienced. I was having anxiety attacks multiple times a day, I felt so much grief and anguish that I had recently become suicidal, and I felt no hope in anything.  I had pushed my husband, friends, and family as far away from myself as I could and they were becoming more worried about me everyday. But I had tried everything I could think of to pull myself out of this deep pit I was in. I had tried counseling for years, every depression medication available, I had even questioned myself if I needed to be admitted to the hospital. Nothing I had tried worked. I was still suffering from a debilitating depression. However, from that brief moment I met Cynthia, something inside me sparked with that hope I was desperately searching for. I felt a sense of relief and comfort. Since that beautiful day, I have worked with Cynthia over multiple sessions and I am so happy to report that my life has completely changed. I no longer feel that cloud of depression, my anxiety has improved, I am no longer taking depression medication, and my relationship with my husband has grown so much stronger. I wish I could show everyone just how much Cynthia has blessed my life. Today I feel grounded, connected, and grateful. I have learned to love myself and honor my past as well as my future. I am so grateful that she followed the promptings and stopped to talk to me that wonderful day. I will forever be grateful for her. 

Natalie W.

Working with Cynthia has been life altering.  I’ve suffered from depression as a result of childhood trauma my entire life. That trauma rendered me an actual stranger to my true self. I came to Cynthia as my last effort to find a way to get back to who I really am. Cynthia’s gifts are the real deal, she has helped me reconnect with my true self and more significantly has helped me experience the Savior’s love, his compassion and his healing.

Jeffrey S.

Cynthia is an intuitive healer that embodies spirituality, wisdom, and compassion with each element flowing into her work. She has helped bring light and lasting healing to areas of my life that years of traditional therapy had not resolved. Working with Cynthia has helped me live my life more fully and with greater clarity.

Katherine H.

I have had multiple treatments with Cynthia and have been amazed by the physical and emotional changes that have happened in just three treatments!  This is nothing short of a miracle in my life.  The load I carried from decades of emotional trauma is nearly gone, my numbness from multiple sclerosis is going away instead of progressing.  Before the treatments I just thought someday I wouldn’t be able to walk because of it.  I am so grateful for the hope Cynthia has given me!  She is kind and I have felt she is a ” safe haven ” to discuss my concerns, but one thing that is so great about these treatments is that I don’t have to go into detail, or relive traumatic events to be healed. This is important because I want to retain a feeling of forgiveness.  Cynthia has a great gift of compassion, and an uncanny ability to quickly understand people and their situations.  She is truly a gift to mankind!

Kristine N.

I have worked with Cynthia with both foot zoning and energy work. Most of our work has been with energy, however. I recently went through a divorce from an emotionally abusive partner, and I felt hopeless and angry. Since working with her, my life has changed immensely! I have been able to work through so much of my trauma in such a short amount of time that it feels incredible! I used to have physical pain that was always present, and it has honestly lessened as I’ve released negative energy and replaced it with a higher, more positive energy. I’ve even had family and friends ask me how I’ve recovered so quickly from the abuse and trauma, and my answers always emphasize my work with Cynthia for my healing! She’s amazing, and has an amazing gift for this! I would recommend her with all my heart!

Meg H.

I worked with Cynthia for several months and was blessed by her many gifts. Cynthia is very intuitive and has the ability to identify and pinpoint areas that need clearing. Her use of visualizations was amazing for me and enabled me to breakdown many walls on my journey of discovering who I am so I could “live and speak my truth and love”. Thank you Cynthia for your guidance in my life.

Dave T.

Working with Cynthia has not only been a pleasure​ but has shifted and changed me in such a profound way. She prepared me ahead of time as well as herself ahead of time. This allowed us to get clear on the intention for the sessions. We were able to clear and heal things that had been plaguing me and my family for a long time. I have learned a lot from her. I felt very honored, loved, and understood. I absolutely trust and love and respect Cynthia as a friend and practitioner. Much, love and appreciation.

Lorna E.

Cynthia is such an intuitive and caring emotional release facilitator. I am so grateful for the time that she spent with me. She listened with such a caring heart and helped me to recognize, release and replace emotions that were not only a trial/burden for me, but went back several generations in our family. The time I spent with her was inspiring and such a safe haven. She has truly prepared herself to be of great help and service to others. She blessed and continues to bless my life. I know she will bless and help to lighten your heart, too! 

Holly L.

I learned about Foot Zoning from Cynthia’s website. I had neuropathy and my feet were stiff and cold because of cancer treatments. At my first visit, my feet were stiff and cold and lacked circulation. Walking around took a lot of effort, as I had to watch carefully where I placed each foot so I would not slip or fall. After only a few treatments, my feet began to relax and instead of being white, they turned rosy red and felt warm because the circulation had improved. Words cannot express how good it felt just to be able to walk with less effort and to feel my toes and the warmth of my feet! This was a huge step in my road to recovery. I would highly recommend Cynthia as she has the ability and experience to help you.

Carol B.

I absolutely recommend Cynthia for Energy Work!!!  I’ve felt the joy of overcoming past trauma that I just couldn’t let go and she was so patient and helpful while walking me through finally releasing it and breaking that chain!  She took the time to teach about the healing process and taught me what I could expect.  Each time I left her home or ended a phone conversation with her I felt lifted, enlightened and loved.  She gently encouraged change in daily habits to continue the healing process and be my best me. I will absolutely be seeing her again and I recommend her to anyone looking for more.


Amy P.

Cynthia is amazing! She helped me through an emotional release that really changed my life. Through this process she was sweet and genuine and sincerely made an effort to get to know me. We related on many levels and she was able to help me through some situations and experiences in my life that I didn’t realize had affected me so negatively in many ways. She was calm and peaceful in her demeanor and I trusted her from the moment we started talking. Since then, I have definitely been able to be a better me. I would highly recommend anyone to work with her. Thanks Cynthia!

Tori H.

I have had the opportunity to participate in several sessions with Cynthia. There are many things that stood out to me from the first time I had an energy session with her. First and foremost, she was very kind and professional. She explained what she was doing and was very attentive to our conversation. When I shared sensitive information, she responded with understanding and love. Once our sessions were over, she followed up with phone calls to see how I was doing. The relationship we were developing made it easy to talk with her. Cynthia truly cares about helping others. Most especially, these sessions have allowed me to identify generational patterns that needed to be corrected and a modality to fix them. I know many people would benefit from her services and find healing and hope in their lives.

Tammy J.

Cynthia has helped me using her skill set as an emotional release therapist and a health coach. She has helped me reach my nutritional goals. I have a clear focus on life and I have a more positive outlook. I have more confidence in voicing my opinions and letting it be heard. As an extra bonus those pesky 15 pounds that I have been working on freeing myself from for several years have been cut in half just in the last 6 weeks. Thank you Cynthia for the support and encouragement to push ahead with my goals!

Suzanne C.

Cynthia is amazing at connecting emotionally with me! She is always able to have compassion and see the root cause. She makes suggestions that are not biased and delivers her message softly but with confidence.

Britney S.

Cynthia has been such a blessing to work with. She is a wonderful teacher.
Working together has been a great journey. I feel stretched, with each session.
We discover opportunities for growth. I am often reminded of truths, taught new concepts and leave empowered. 
Cynthia gives amazing foot zones. She also leads the best meditation visualizations ever! She has a soft gentle nature, yet is relentless in her quest to find the root of issues.
She has been able to recognize when I was unable to go to a certain place and we were able to work on other things until I was able to address it. 
Michelle G.

I was introduced to energy work a couple years ago and have had the opportunity to try several different modalities.  While each has provided some benefit, I have noticed that the work with Cynthia has made the biggest difference in getting me out of old, harmful patterns and changing my life for the better.  She has guided me through this process in a very gentle, accepting way so that I feel safe, validated, and ready to release those patterns that no longer serve me.  I feel she is very skilled and qualified in what she does and her skill combined with her gentle manner creates the perfect environment for healing.  I’m very thankful for the help she has provided me and the growth she has assisted me with. 

Emily L.

Cynthia’s class blew me away with all the knowledge she had to share.  She had such a professional quality throughout the class with the way she spoke, and the layout of her presentation.  I felt like I walked away with so many helpful tools, information, and a better understanding of toxic people and sabotage.  I had several aha moments and highly recommend taking her classes.   I am so excited to take more classes from her to continue to learn and grow from her expansive knowledge.

Julie D.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect in regards to my foot zone time with Cynthia and found myself laughing and crying and so much in between.  She is dedicated to assisting you to your best health and is willing to get in and get the job done while at the same time being sensitive to your needs. Pushing, literally, and taking you to the edge without pushing you over.  Cynthia has gifts beyond foot zoning that allow her to really tune in and be in the moment with you. I would gladly go back for more and would highly recommend you find your way to her as well. It’s time to let go, move forward and feel great!

Jen S.