The 5 Facets of Wholeness

Humans are multi-faceted beings!  Finding truth health and well being comes from a holistic approach in mind, body, spirit, heart, and relationships.  The foundation at Discover Divinity is built upon what I like to call The 5 Facets of Wholeness.  Not only do these facets work individually, but they also work intrinsically as well.  Just like an orchestra each instrument has a crucial role in creating beautiful harmony!

Let me share with you some important aspects to the 5 Facets of Wholeness:


Did you know that the current state of your awareness, focus, and imagination is only about 5-10%? Beyond that lies your recurring thoughts, feelings, habits, behavior patterns, past experiences, deep seated emotions, beliefs, programs and repressed trauma. The key to unlocking the door to the remaining 90-95% of the mind is by using specific tools that reprogram the mind!


We have one vessel that houses our mind, our spirit, and our heart. The body is composed of some of the most complex systems that keep us alive and breathing every single day! We are composed of countless cells that work for our life. Treating it with love and respect is necessary so we can have the energy and capability to function!


Tuning into the highest form of the self and source of creation is considered spirit. Being spiritual is unique for every individual. Some use a religious resource and others do not. The important thing is staying in alignment with your source of creation with hope and faith and participating in spiritually fulfilling activities to bring you closer to your Creator and your Highest Self.


The epicenter for our emotions is located in the heart. As a society we have been falsely trained to repress our emotions and in turn it has created a lot of collective wounds in the heart. Along with specific tools that reprogram the mind, there are essential processes that help release the wounds of the heart allow the door of repair to take place!


The basis of our personal development ties into the relationships we have with our self, our environment, and others. Many of the dysfunctional patterns we see in families and society stems from a great imbalance in our relationships. Learning to mend the relationships around and within us creates a space to live from a place of unconditional love.